Mission & Values
History of SOC TECH LAB

The SOC TECH LAB Foundation (formerly, in the period 2014-2022, the Institute of Research and Local Development) was established to implement a specific social mission, vision and statutory goals. Its establishment and functioning was not only caused by the need to solve socially important problems, but also the effect of my professional experience in non-profit organizations in the country and abroad since 2001 and foreign research stays, including: University of Iceland in Reykjavik, University of Oslo in Norway, Bradford College in Great Britain or Tallinn University in Estonia.

SOC TECH LAB is a non-profit organization with a specific mission, values and goals. It is an organization that is not a “charity” or “project” organization, but its diversifying sources of income, running its own business for the purpose of implementing the Foundation’s statutory goals. SOC TECH LAB is a social economy entity.

Founder & CEO, Damian Wojciech Dudała

Believing in the ideas of civil society, we support the development of civic activity and non-governmental organizations. To this end, we combine research, creativity and technologies to design and implement innovations and socially useful solutions in the spirit of sustainable development.

We strive to ensure that civil society is strong and that the organizations we cooperate with operate innovatively, develop effectively and dynamically in pursuit of their goals.



The mission of the SOC TECH LAB Foundation is the basic determinant of the actions taken. In our activities, we are guided by the principle of respect for human dignity, rights and freedoms, the principles of subsidiarity and dialogue, and the idea of the common good.


We operate within the framework of the law system in force in a democratic state, influencing its improvement as part of democratic procedures. We participate in the law-making process by clearly defining in what capacity we act – as an advocate of the social interest or in the name of other interests.


Our independence is expressed, among others, in: possibility of independent functioning in the substantive and financial dimension, e.g. freedom in deciding on the mission, goals and working methods. We care about the stability of operations, in particular the diversification of funding sources. We are independent from power centers and political parties – we are not influenced by any political party or option.


We are responsible for the impact of our activities on customers, and we also forecast and take into account the indirect impact of these activities on other stakeholders in compliance with the principles of sustainable development. We conduct systematic evaluation in all areas of our activity. We represent only those persons or entities who have consented to this. We also take into account the risk assessment when making decisions about the implementation of planned activities.


We plan and implement our activities based on an analysis of the needs of customers and their environment. We regularly evaluate our effectiveness in responding to these needs. We do not undertake activities that we are unable to reliably perform. We fulfill contracts and obligations.


We cooperate with other entities on the principles of partnership, putting solidarity and cooperation for the common good above competition and individual success. In a situation where there is a conflict of values, we take action while maintaining the principles of tolerance and recognition of the right of others to have a different opinion. We are open to cooperation with other non-profit organizations, public partners and business.