By combining research, creativity and technologies to design and implement innovative and socially useful solutions.

Social innovations

We initiate and create a SPACE for exchanging ideas, ideas, experiences and contacts, as well as building cross-sectoral cooperation.

One of the examples of such activities is the organization of the recurring Festival of Social Innovation and Technology. We organized the first edition of the event in October 2022 at Concordia Design in Wrocław.

Digitization 3rd sector

Through the Digital NonProfit Summit, we create a SPACE that connects nonprofit organizations with new technologies. The aim of this event is to improve the digital competences of nonprofit organizations solving socially important problems.

Commercial services

Social, marketing & UX research. Social diagnoses. Analyzes and Reports. Evaluations.

Collecting data
Social research

This is a type of scientific research aimed at discovering regularities in social life through systematic observation and drawing conclusions. They focus on observation and analysis of processes and phenomena taking place in society.


We observe, analyze and define business, economic, climate, social and technological trends on an ongoing basis to support our partners and clients in achieving their business goals.

UXR – UX research

Systematic tracking of users and their requirements, to add context and insight into the UX design process. In other words, we research and analyze user experiences.