Cristina Rotari

Assistant for International Cooperation

My name is Cristina and I from Moldova. I study in Hungary, but I do my internship here at the Foundation, which is based in Poland. 

And I think this summarizes me pretty well, because I love exploring. And this doesn’t necessarily attribute only to places and countries. I love exploring people, opportunities and ideas.

Therefore, all these have helped me become the person I am – a passionate student at International Relations, interested in security issues, public policies and democracy. A person that is flexible, curious and open minded. A good storyteller, but also a good listener. A person with an extensive background in volunteering in different fields such as environmental protection and youth advocacy.  

But most importantly, my experiences shaped the goal-setting mechanism that I adopted, which is targeting objectives that have a positive impact on me, on the community and on the planet as a whole.

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2021 Alumni Internship Program for FLEX and YES Alumni from South East Europe and Senegal